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Game Fishing Mackay

Marlin TownsvilleGame Fishing off the Coast of Mackay Austraila can yield some fantastic game fish catches and the excitement and challenge of a life time.

With Black Marlin, Sailfish and Spanish Mackeral in large numbers around Mackay and outer islands game fishing is a fantastic and exciting experience with plenty of fishing action, what more could you want.

As the boat makes it's way out to the fishing grounds we always try a bit of trolling with lures and some rigged baits, to catch that fish of a lifetime.

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Black Marlin and Sailfish are out in the shipping channels, If your keen we can also try skipping and swimming gar, a couple of lures, teasers out and troll, is the way to find them.

We are always keeping a watchful eye out for bait schools and free jumpers as this is where the big fish will be and you’re in with a real chance.

Anywhere past Calder, Scawfell and 3 rocks is the place to start looking. Tag and release is the way to go with these beauties.

Experience The True Fight Of A Big Fish With Our Experienced Game Fishing Charters

mackeralWith Spanish Mackeral around all year, although in large numbers more through June to November it always pay to give it a go.

With some true monsters being caught of Mackay while game fishing every year up to 30 or 40 Kilograms, and 20 kilogram fish are quite common, these are worth doing battle with.

The average sizefish is around the 10 – 15 kg range which will give you quite a work out.

And if you are really keen we can bring out the Shimano Calcuttas rigged with 6 and 8 kg line and have some real game fishing fun. We can normally include a bit of trolling on a reef fishing trip and blow you away with some great fish.

We know all the hot spots around the Mackay Islands and where you can hook up with a nice Spanish Mackeral.

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Experience the true fight of a large game fish... Our game fishing charters can put you right amongst the action...

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